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The rugby school: a major component of the Racing training policy

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This season, as part of its policy to create strong roots throughout the Hauts-de-Seine department, Racing 92 has set up three training center : RCF Colombes, Racing Le-Plessis-Robinson and Racing-Nanterre.

Since the start of this season, these three rugby schools in the "92" department have opened their doors to nearly 500 children – aged from 6 to 14, offering them a framework in which to achieve Excellence and learn the values of sport, rugby and Racing.

Racing rugby schools form part of the club's long-term global project.

Racing's identity is illustrated by a "common core" of values shared by every team in the club: the attacking style of its players and its principles with the emphasis on the link between the ball-carrier and his support players, and the cooperation between the different lines of the team.

A real plan for the training and progression of players and teams is drawn up, based on this common core, from the development of basic techniques to team strategies, and from the joys of playing to the joys of winning.

Over fifty competent, experienced coaches, supported by nearly 40 directors and volunteers, supervise each school, following a new rugby school model that is committed and responsible, thanks to the development of a partnership with Ferrero.


This season, Racing 92 and Ferrero have signed a three-season partnership agreement as part of the "Kinder is committed to childhood" programme. Every child in the club's rugby schools is offered free homework support and there will be one-off operations for tournaments and matches.
The parents of every club member can therefore register their child for homework support which is offered for an hour before each training session. Teachers and parents use a booklet to keep an eye on the school curriculum and adapt the support to each child's individual needs.



To create stronger links between the elite and young players, to show the example of how first team players' careers have developed, each rugby school has two professional "Racingmen" as its godfathers. Karim Ghezal and Dimitri Szarzewski were the godfathers of the Le Plessis-Robinson rugby school, Henry Chavancy and Fabrice Estebanez of RCF Colombes, while Sébastien Descons and Johnny Leo'o were responsible for Racing-Nanterre rugby school. They were sharing their experiences and dispensing valuable advice at training sessions that they organised and ran on dedicated afternoons.



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