Jacky Lorenzetti’s Editorial – The 2013-2014 season recruitment

Jacky Lorenzetti’s Editorial – The 2013-2014 season recruitment


Dear Friends, dear supporters, dear partners


I would like to talk about the rainbow colors.


First of all the rain. Even though this 2012-2013 season finished with a nice quarter final play off game, we figured out during our loss in Toulouse, a lack of plum. Facing a noble Stade Toulousain, our Racing team delivered a match imaging their whole season, where the good, or even the great didn’t stop changing hands with the bad plays. I’m convinced that the Racing which managed to defeat Toulon, Clermont and Montpellier could have gone further in the competition.


Between the rain drops of this last Toulouse’s shower, we will note that, it is our fourth consecutive year in which we are qualified for the Top 14 play-offs, and that also we will compete the very prestigious HCup. No other team coming from Pro D2 signed such a performance. Since four season, our rival of the Stade Français are off of these marvelous confrontations amongst the European rugby elite.


Even if my wish of providing ambition and a new state of mind to the Racing is already a converted try, I do not intend to stop there. During two seasons in Pro D2, then four seasons in Top 14, we fought amongst the best and I really want now to defeat the bests. The win, always the win!


A new page in the Racing’s history will again be written with new players, new staff leaders. I would like to thank those who will leave us and who brought so much during these six seasons of reconstruction. Pierre Berbizier, Pascal Valentini and Simone Santamaria managed to rebuild the sports sector. Their work actions will remain an important cornerstone of our structure.


I also thank all our players who fought bravely over this fastidious transition season. I have special thoughts for the ones who has worn the Racing’s jersey since the last six seasons, in fact since the beginning, and who will now leave us. Johnny Leo'o, Sireli Bobo, Andrea Lo Cicero, Mika Tuugahala, Alvaro Galindo, Santiago Dellape, we won’t forget you.


On the peach or outside of it, I wish all the best to whom that will not share our daily lifes.


I thank all of our fans. The loyal and devoted ones who were only hundreds became thousands and this is shorely just the beginning… I was wrong in wishing more fury from you all to support our team, I have enjoyed once the rumblings and whistles going towards the opponent striker but I shouldn’t done. Supporters, dear fans, do not change! You are the most fair play spectators of all France. You applaud where everyone else whistles harshly. At home, no referees are badly insulted. I am proud of our smart Racing(wo)men.


Finally, I would like to thank my wife, my children, my family and my close relatives who help me, day by day, game after game, in assuming with passion this tough fight of the presidency of a great rugby club.


A season pass away and here comes the rising sun shining once more.


The 2013-2014 season is now starting. You will find below the names of the men which will wear our colors and make us dream through all rugby year. As the shades of rainbows, wide are the range of colors and backgrounds. Irish green or south African green, welsh red or biarrots red, Brive black or zimbabwes black, Castres blue and Georgian white… Racing Metro 92 is a worldwide open minded club. Here, in the club, humanism and brotherhood are values old of 131 years.


With humility, also with fortitude, you can count on my straight will of wearing the Racing’s values at the very top. I will ensure the excellence of results from our professional team so as the success of our youth whom all teams qualified for the play-offs of their own championships.


I will not amaze anyone in concluding thereby : Through all the rainbow colors, it is still the “Ciel et Blanc” that I shorely prefer.


Go go Racing! Go go the 2013-2014 season!



Jacky Lorenzetti.



Here is the list of our newest players of the Racing Metro 92’s Squad:


·         Marc Andreu (winger), passed through Toulon and Castres, International french at 7 and at 15

·         Walter Desmaison ( prop), Bayonne’s player, and player of the U20 French National Squad

·         Davit Khinchagishvili (prop), coming from Brive, International Georgian

·         Juandré Kruger (lock), International South-African arriving from the Blue Bulls team.

·         Virgile Lacombe (hooker), passed through Toulouse, Brive and the Southern Kings (super 15)
Double champion of France (2008 and 2011) and double European champion (2005 and 2010)

·         Benjamin Lapeyre (Fullback), passed through Albi and player of the Toulon’s squad since 2010

·         Wenceslas Lauret (Flanker), from Biarritz Olympique, International French and winner of the 2012 European Challenge.

·         Dan Lydiate (Number eight), coming from the Newport Dragons, international welsh, member of the Britain Lions (2013). He is winner and proclaimed best player of the 2012 6 Nations Tournament.

·         Laurent Magnaval (scrum half), passed through Toulon, Mont-de-Marsan, U20 France

·         Brian Mujati (prop) : coming from the Northampton Saints, International South-African ( nationality : Zimbabwean)

·         Adrien Planté (winger), coming from Perpignan, International at 7, called to join the French National Squad for 2013 June’s world round. He is also France league Champion in 2009 with the USAP

·         Jamie Roberts (center), International Welsh, Twice member of the Britain Lions (2009 : proclaimed best Britain player of the round). Triple winner of the 6 Nations tournament (2008, 2012, 2013). He arrives from the Cardiff Blues. Graduated of a doctorate in medicine.

·         Jonathan Sexton (Fly Half), International Irish, member of the Britain Lions (2013) Leinster Player and Triple European Champion (2009, 2011, 2012)

·         Soane Tonga’uiha (prop), coming from the Northampton Saints, International Tongan and member of the Pacific Islanders.  Winner of the European Challenge in 2009



The Club prepares its future:


The last years investments put in the formation and training camps are now getting profitable to the club. To thereby prepare the future, the club signed four young player coming right out of the training center : Etienne Dussartre (center),Khatchik Vartanov (prop) et Alexis Vallette (prop) picked in the U20 French National Squad and Jeremie Maurouard who will regularly assist Dimitri Szarzewski and Virgile Lacombe this next season.


Ronan O’Gara, famous international irish player will join the Rugby Director, Christophe Mombet and his coaches as a consultant to bring his large experience to the “Ciel et Blanc” youth. Ronan O’Gara will be assigned to a second mission close to two coaches of the professional group as a specialist trainer in foot kicking plays.





Supervision has been reinforced under the direction of two coaches Laurent Travers and Laurent Labit who will be assisted by:


·         Jean-Marc Laborderie, Medical Doctor, in charge of the Meidcal staff

·         Gilbert Gascou, Physical trainer Manager (assisted by Michel Miro)

·         Anthony Marhuenda, Video analyst Manager


Yohan Bohu is named consultant of the Président for the whole medical part.

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