HCup - SCAR vs RM92 - Magnaval ' Can you imagine me '

HCup - SCAR vs RM92 - Magnaval ' Can you imagine me '


All smiles, Young scrum-half Laurent Magnaval was present for the press conference at the beginning of the week and prepared himself for possible HCup start, all natural, released of all pressure and full of stars in his eyes.


As Maxime Machenaud injured himself last week-end, you have more chance of playing or even starting this next HCup match?


The line up hasn’t been revealed yet, so I don’t know more than you guys do. Surely they are statistically more chance to see me play on Saturday. But it remains a tough blow for the squad as Maxime Machenaud was an actif member of last week-end’s great match.



Coach Travers said before you that it will be the occasion for another promising scrum-half to shine, did he mean you?


Knock on the wood and we will see how it goes. I will keep his words in mind and will see what happens when the team will be revealed on Friday.



What would you be feeling if you make the team for this HCup match?


You can realize the chance that it means for me, the joy that it brings me. HCup has this special flavor. TOP 14 is great, being part of the squad for it, is already amazing. You can imagine how excited I am to play in HCup. I mean, we are talking about the European elite here. The fact of traveling to British countries. Every single HCup thing has a special taste. Even just this green color representing HCup everywhere just makes me so excited.



Was this all your mind when you arrived at Racing? And how do you cope with the spot competition?


Arriving to Racing, I knew I was stepping to excellence. And I can tell you, I’m not disappointed at all. Whether it is with Jonathan Sexton, Jonathan Wisniewski, Benjamin Dambielle, I am constantly learning things, even with the other scrum-halves Max, Seb, Ruan. On the other side, guys from the IV Nations are back now, it’s amazing. When I have the opportunity to learn things from my partners, I’m directly putting myself into learning mode to try and pick up the most things I can.

To be honest, when I came over here, I had the opportunity to join a high level training center, in which I would be able to progress around top players. Between us, I didn’t expect me to play every minute of every match. I have the role of the young player who still has everything to learn about. Whether there is one player more or one player less, it doesn’t change my spot, my state of mind and my desire to progress.



Are you glad you have taken this opportunity, instead of staying to Toulon?


Completely! Look at me, it’s my first press conference of the year. Here I am with the smile, happy to be here. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy to be part of this team.

I am good in front of the cameras, don’t you think? I may be mucking about right now, but if I make the squad, it will be a whole new story five minutes before kick-off. At the moment, we are focused, very enthusiastic regarding last week-end’s success. So at the moment we are feeling positive and calmly focused on ourselves.



You all look very happy after this victory Clermont, but you mustn’t get too excessive…


You saw the coach facing the press just before me. Don’t worry, they are here to make us walk straight. And don’t worry, we also are conscious that we still have many things to sort out and improve in our rugby. 

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