AB vs RM 92 - the Victory of intelligence

AB vs RM 92 - the Victory of intelligence


No jealous for tonight's weather, weither it was in Ile de France or in Pays-Basque, it was all rain, rain and more rain, and when you play rugby you would better not face it, especially if you dream of fancy rugby combinations. Because tonight, at Jean Dauger, a real bluffing poker match was played in the rain. But still very virile. It was indeed the smartest of the two teams that emerged out victorious of this duel. A that crafty game, we can say that Francilians really were cleverest. (Credits photos : Marc Mittoux)



Adapting themselves perfectly to the climate conditions, the Travers-Labit duet's rugbymen began their match leaving the initiative of the game to the Basques, while imposing a tough defensive pressure on their opponent of the day. It was yet, the Bayonnais who became dangerous first with a break through defense ran by Roumieu (10') which ended on the left wing for full-back Spedding. Well organized and mostly distraught, Francilians waited for the next ruck to impose their strength on lower ground, to then clear it for a throw-in.


Even though it was powring rain, Francilians left the storm go by, persecuting the Basques in defense and relying on a weapon which was going to supply them in penalties all evening : conquest. In scrums, lower ground, on handled balls, and most of all on throw-ins, Racingmen never turned down the intensity and became quickly rewarded by a penalty won in scrum, which Jonathan Sexton took in charge to convert (19', 0-3). And here comes the stereotype, the one in which you attest that with a Irish Fly-half, Racing could not have no other result than a victory of course, out of a match played under such rain. You are certainly right... Accurate foot plays, up and unders perfectly kicked and above all another 100% penalty success, Sexton has heavily contributed for the win.


Back into the game and score level due to a penalty converted by Bustos-Moyano (33', 3-3), Bayonnais toiled to annoy the francilians' defense, being even penalized around their 22 meter line, offering to Sexton the 3-6 penalty (37'). Well into position and dominating, Ciel et Blanc should have walked back to the locker-rooms with the advantage on the scoreboard, but a collapsed maul cost them a penalty in which the argentinean winger Martin Bustos-Moyano got in charge of converting (40', 6-6).


Coming back from the break, Francilians quickly got themselves fouled. On a up and under kicked by Maxime Machenaud, Bernard Le Roux ran in front of the scrum-half offering the Basques and Bustos Moyano the 9 to 6 penalty (42'). Since that mistake, Racingmen went back into the game twice as much, especially in the conquest phases, by multiplying the handled balls. On one of them, following a throw-in, Basques got fouled. Sexton successfully kicked it through the posts, making it even at the scoreboard 9-9 (51'). Just as Francilians came back on the Aviron, Bayonnais answered by scoring the first try of the match by Fa'aoso (53', 14-9) converted by the argentinean winger (16-9). But again, the team-mates of Dimitri Szarzewski didn't let their heads down, they took back the hold of the ball. On a scrum, Basques got again penalized peritting to Sexton to reduce the score difference to 16-12 (56'). It is finally off intelligence and out of attrition that Francilians were going to win it. And most of all thanks to a converted try scored Camille Gérondeau (63',16-19), following a Sexton up and under amazingly precise and a good relay from Estebanez, Racingmen realized the week-end's best hit by being the only victorious team away.


Due to their intelligence into the adaptation around the weather and to a perfoming conquest, Racingmen proved that they really are present and that ennemies will have to cope with them. Next meeting on Saturday against Bordeaux-Bégles, to confirm their good momentum. Let's hope that the climate conditions will be brighter.

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The 17/09/2013 by Jean-Louis
Ouaiiiii !!!!!!! Allez Racing !
The 16/09/2013 by ceusette
Bravo pour l'équipe! L'AB est une équipe qui n'a jamais vraiment réussi au Racing. Le score était serré. On ne demandait pas mieux!... Ce résultat compense les BO qu'on aurait pu (au conditionnel) peut-être gagner sur d'autres... ;o) Bravo encore et allez Racing!
The 15/09/2013 by bertrand
Bravo à tous ! belle victoire il faut continuer ainsi ! Très bon match de Sexton ; Allez Racing !
The 15/09/2013 by Flag C&B92
On le voit, cette saison, les victoires à l'extérieur sont rares, même pour les "gros" : c'est donc une belle performance ! Et je suis sûr que le beau maillot bleu y est pour quelque chose aussi !! BRAVO !!!
The 15/09/2013 by Colombus
Dimanche prochain, le Racing sera au pire 4-ème...les fauves sont lâchés
The 15/09/2013 by franckynho
Enfin un bon match du racing ! Match référence ? Je l'espère au moins au niveau de la solidarité. Loin d'être simple ce soir. Contrairement aux autres match peu de ballons tombés malgré la pluie. Bravo aux joueurs !
The 15/09/2013 by Rame2
Bravo messieurs vous avez mouillé le maillot. Du combat et peu de fautes malgré le ballon glissant.Tenez ce cap et les victoires s'enchaineront.Attention toutefois face aux grosses équipes, pas de complexe mais davantage de combat.
The 15/09/2013 by Jipé
Félicitations à tous pour cette victoire très prometteuse.
The 15/09/2013 by Superboulit
D'abord bravo pour la victoire même si celle-ci est arrivée difficilement,chapeau a la défense qui a été intraitable on sent une cohésion se mettre en route c'est un signe que la mayonnaise prend petit à petit de plus un Sexton impeccable voilà une équipe qui est sur le bon chemin alors continuer et il faut confirmer a colombes la semaine prochaine on sera présent pour pousser avec vous ALLEZ RACING!!!!!

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