ASM vs RM 92 - Ben Arous : ' Change around the trend of stade Marcel Michelin '

ASM vs RM 92 - Ben Arous : ' Change around the trend of stade Marcel Michelin '


A few days before traveling to Stade Marcel Michelin of Clermont, young prop, Eddy Ben arous affirms that this November transition has done good mentally to every Ciel et Blanc player. Although, he seemed happy to see the end of it as young Racingman is determined to step back on TOP 14 fields.



Did this week in Hong Kong arrive at the right time?


Yes, it was a perfect timing. To live together for a whole week has really done us good, it permitted to have a good gather around after a tough reverse in Biarritz. Thanks to this trip and a following week off, we all came back this week with a lot of investment in our work. We trained hard individually and collectively. Actually, I must admit that those training session really looked good.



You clearly needed a rest. But was it more to rest physically or mentally?


Yes, we clearly needed to rest, but I would say that it was more on psychological basis due to a few losses in this first part of the season that were pretty difficult to digest. Matches that we shouldn’t have lost and which had tough consequences on the league table. With such events, I think that everyone needed to rest psychologically.



You restart this championship run with quite a big piece, AS Clermont, which are on a serie of sixty six successes at home. What was the coaches’ spitch? To create the feat or just recover a point?


Their words were that we must confirm our investment put all week long during our training session, to clearly find ourselves on this rugby field and put the right ingredients into play, to beat this Clermont squad. But as you know, the sixty six last teams that traveled there, went there with the same ambition but all came back with a defeat. I think that each time would like to change around the trend of stade Marcel Michelin.

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