ASM vs RM 92 - Number of the Day: 10

ASM vs RM 92 - Number of the Day: 10


TOP 14 is back after a two weeks interruption because of the launch of the autumn international campaign. After a preparation week in Hong Kong, followed by a week off, Ciel et Blanc players are back on fields preparing their travel to Clermont in Day 12 of TOP 14. Kick-off Saturday, at 2.30pm, at Stade Marcel Michelin.




As the average per match of penalties conceded by Racing Metro 92 in this 2013-2014 TOP 14 edition. Racingmen have conceded a minimum amount of seven penalties, this in Day 3’s victory over Oyonnax (22-9). Ciel et Blanc are generally sanctioned around two different defensive axes, in scrums and on tackles, rucks and mauls, with an average of four penalties conceded in each of these areas of play.


Racing’s next opponent, ASM Clermont-Auvergne is averaging 12 conceded penalties per match, with a peak of 16 fouls committed in one and only match. Clermont players are essentially penalized on tackles, rucks and mauls, averaging six fouls in this area every eighty minutes.

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The 21/11/2013 by cp95
Au lieu de nous "bassiner" avec des articles débiles avec des chiffres....juste pour remplir le site....donnez nous des nouvelles de l'infirmerie par exemple et prenez le temps de corriger vos fautes de syntaxe et d'orthographe car c'est vraiment "désolant"

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