ASM vs RM 92 - Number of the Day: 702

ASM vs RM 92 - Number of the Day: 702


TOP 14 is back after a two weeks interruption because of the launch of the autumn international campaign. After a preparation week in Hong Kong, followed by a week off, Ciel et Blanc players are back on fields preparing their travel to Clermont in Day 12 of TOP 14. Kick-off Saturday, at 2.30pm, at Stade Marcel Michelin.




As the amount of rucks and mauls won by Racing in this 2013-2014 championship. A 96% ratio of rucks and mauls won by Ciel et Blanc as they have lost 33 balls in this area since the beginning of the TOP 14 season. Furthermore, Racingmen only lost a single ball in rucks contested in their own 22 meters, out of 35 played in this area. They also recovered 489 balls out of 511 between the 22 meters lines and won 179 rucks and mauls out of 189 behind the opponent’s 22 meter line. The whole squad contributed to those statistics of 702 rucks and mauls won out of 735 contested.


On the Yellow and blue side, the ratio of the exercise is around 94% with 675 rucks and mauls won on a total of 717 contests. Besides, Clermont lost 5 rucks and mauls contested in their 22 meters.

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