ASM vs RM 92 - Why can't we do it?

ASM vs RM 92 - Why can't we do it?


Racing Metro 92 will make their move towards Stade Marcel Michelin in Clermont, a den that held still for quite a bit of time, a total of four years in which Clermont never fell. Fresh and impatient of stepping back on those rugby fields, Racingmen hope to create the feat and would suffer for it against Clermont players not so much weakened by the international tests.



If there is one region in this TOP 14 championship where all benevolent atmospheres, for the traveling visitors, is left out, it would be Auvergne. Racing will travel to Stade Marcel Michelin of Clermont to face an unbeaten on its grass, henceforth inviolable since four years and two days or sixty six matches. Can you believe it? Four years of repeated successes or at least draws, punctuated of joy and fear but each time with the feeling of the duty accomplished towards the end of the match.


But in this impressive den, no doubt that there is no other squad that managed to pitch this team of Clermont as Ciel et Blanc have done during each of their trip to Auvergne. Yes, remember last year when in this same confrontation, both fly-halves, Jonathan Wisniewski and then Benjamin seriously injured themselves… Racing almost took over the win though, just because of a foul from Henry Chavancy in the very last minutes of the game, well converted by Morgan Parra who released all of the stade Marcel Michelin and in which you would better use ear plugs as fans were shouting out their crazy joy. Then was this famous play-off match which could have switched in favor of the francilians if this unlucky penalty would have gone on target, it was so close…


So, after so many confrontations that could have gone either way, captain of the Day Henry Chavancy and his partners will want to convert the try and create the feat which will definitively launch the Ciel et Blanc’s season. After playing each other in HCup a few weeks ago, both squads will meet again and both will want to ideally start back their second part of the season after this international break. Some would say that both teams will perform without their respective international players, but having a look to both line ups, no doubts that the confrontation will worth a good look too. And nothing better for our Racingmen than to challenge one of their direct competitors to perfectly start back their championship which they hope to finish successfully. All this to finally say: “Why not can’t we do it?”

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The 23/11/2013 by cieletblanc
Malheureusement, on l'avait bien sentie venir celle-là...Donc effectivement cette "envie abyssale" de l'article était bien prémonitoire. On est dans la lignée de Biarritz-Racing... Courage supporters, parce que les matches de H Cup arrivent, de nouvelles leçons sont à venir...
The 23/11/2013 by cieletblanc
"...toutes deux auront cette envie abyssale d’entamer la deuxième partie de saison idéalement après la trêve internationale..." Je ne savais pas qu'une envie pouvait être abyssale! ábyssos signifiant en grec : sans fond, pour un océan, souhaitons-nous de ne pas couler à Marcel Michelin... :))
The 23/11/2013 by Jipé
Pour gagner un match de Rugby, il faut en avoir plus envie qu'eux. Je suis persuadé que vous pouvez le faire. Allez Racing !!
The 23/11/2013 by Flag C&B92
On est 9 ieme, à alors que le première partie de la saison est sur la fin. Si l'on veut exister encore un peu dans ce championnat, il ne reste plus qu'à créer l'exploit ! La défaite à Biarritz et celle contre Grenoble coûtent chères, il faut ramer très fort maintenant.

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