A jersey for the flood victims in the Var


Moved by the terrible flooding in the Var this week, the players of Racing Metro insisted on making a gesture towards the victims. So today the Ciel et Blanc squad signed a match jersey which is to be sold in an auction organised by the newspaper Var Matin. The daily paper from the Var is currently assembling various signed objects for an exceptional auction, the profits of which will be donated to the flood victims in the village of La Londe-les-Maures. "I love the Var, and like everybody else, I was shocked by the images of the flooding this week," said centre Henry Chavancy (pictured here with the jersey), who often spends his holidays in nearby Bandol. "We wish good luck and send lots of courage to the victims. All are thoughts are with them in these difficult times."



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The 24/01/2014 by STEPH4NE
Quant on évoque un sport où le pilier qui craque en mêlée, le buteur soudain inefficace, où le plaqueur qui se rate peut faire perdre son équipe, les seules valeurs auxquelles on peut s’accrocher et qui restent alors, sont l’amour de l’autre et la solidarité … Bel exemple et merci, Mr Chavancy… @STEPHANE, supporter toulonnais.

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