Inside Hong-Kong: Day 2

Inside Hong-Kong: Day 2


During a whole week, Racingmen will be in Hong-Kong to prepare themselves to their freindly game against Stade Toulousain which will take place on November 9th at 9.00am French time in the Aberdeen Stadium. On their journey to (almost) the other side of the planet, Ciel et Blanc will give us news from their Twitter and Instagram accounts. Here are the Day 2 adventures: First working out session, players discover the city of Hong-Kong and its extraordinary facilities, all provided by TeamOne agency.



10.11am (HK), 3.11am(GMT) - The training camp starts with a first easy session to recover from the 24hour flight and from the Biarritz game. The occasion for our players to show us a bit more of this crazy hotel provided by Team One agency. Nice view from the work out gym!







00.44pm (HK), 5.44am (GMT) - Jérémie Maurouard, young hooker from the "Espoirs" team part of the trip alongside Luc Barba, enjoying a little more the hotel facilities, to then leave sightseeing in Hong-Kong.









00.49pm(HK), 5.49am(GMT) –  Hong-Kong Harbour for Ben Fall, Walter Desmaison, Alex Dumoulin, Jone Qovu et Camille Gérondeau.






1.03pm(HK), 6.03am(GMT) – Here is the official ball of Hong Kong’s 2013 Rugby Cup!





3.03pm(HK), 8.03(GMT) – Another proof that Team One really treated them well, with Juandré Kruger presenting the hall of the hotel.





6.45pm(HK), 11.45am(GMT) - When "Inside Hong-Kong" becomes "Inside Hong-Kong with Benjamin Fall".






6.46pm(HK), 11.46am(GMT) - First rugby session in Asia.




6.30pm(HK), 11.30am(GMT) - Supporters are already there for the first field training session in Hong Kong (Credit photos : Mike Jansen)




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The 20/11/2013 by zHC5WsDZ1O
Too many cometimpnls too little space, thanks!
The 05/11/2013 by fd8
Juste une question, le match est-il télévisé et si oui, sur quelle chaine et a quelle heure svp. Merci pour vos réponses.
The 05/11/2013 by Cartouche
@Madjo : Sexton est 3e du classement des buteurs, les buteurs sont bons, c'est juste que parfois ça suffit pas. Sinon pour la blague, on pourrait avoir une photo de joueurs à coté des locaux? Genre Juandré Kruger et Van der Merwe entourant un Hong Kongais? Pour voir l'impression qu'ils doivent donner en se baladant dans la rue les deux géants.
The 05/11/2013 by madjo
un nombre de buteurs en veux tu en voila et pas un seul capable de te faire gagner un en plus o gara comme coach..bienvenus au pays des pieds carres

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