Inside Hong Kong: Day 3

Inside Hong Kong: Day 3


During a whole week, Racingmen will be in Hong-Kong to prepare themselves to their freindly game against Stade Toulousain which will take place on November 9th at 9.00am French time in the Aberdeen Stadium. On their journey to (almost) the other side of the planet, Ciel et Blanc will give us news from their Twitter and Instagram accounts. Here are the Day 3 adventures: Two days before the exhebition match against Stade Toulousain.



Wednesday November 6th



3.43am(HK), 8.43pm(GMT) - Soane Tonga'uiha heard about the death of Peter Fatialofa and expressed his condolences to his family from Hong-Kong





10.17am(HK), 3.17am(GMT) - Racingmen  joins their training field for a tough rugby session.







1.51pm(HK), 6.51 am(GMT) - Racingmen on the way to their second field session of the day. But this time, they will act as Coaches for the HK International School.





3.48pm (HK), 8.48am (GMT) : This afternoon, Francilians are divided into two groups. The second one gives a training course to the HK International School.



















4.39pm(HK), 9.39am(GMT) - End of the session with the HKIS. Small break for coaches Battut and Cronje.






5.47pm(HK), 10.47am(GMT) - Invited by Natixis, official sponor of the club and match in Hong-Kong, a part of the delegation present for for the 2013 HK RugbyCup presentation.








9.49pm(HK), 2.49pm(GMT) - Have you ever seen The Peak of Hong-Kong ? Thanks to Benjamin Fall, you now can!







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