Inside Hong Kong: Day 5

Inside Hong Kong: Day 5


During a whole week, Racingmen will be in Hong-Kong to prepare themselves to their freindly game against Stade Toulousain which will take place on November 9th at 9.00am French time in the Aberdeen Stadium. On their journey to (almost) the other side of the planet, Ciel et Blanc will give us news from their Twitter and Instagram accounts. Here are the Day 5 adventures: 24 hours before the exhebition match against Stade Toulousain.




Friday November 8th




10.03am(HK), 3.03am(Fr) - Morning schedule, boat ride. As the autumn weather is well settled in Western Europe, temperature turns around 28 degrees in Hong-Kong.






1.05pm(HK) - 6.05am(Fr) - Back to the hotel, players show us once more the wonderful view they have from their rooftop swimming pool. Again thanks to Team One which has done it big for them!





3.21pm(HK), 8.21am(Fr) - Little film shoot with JeanRichard for Max MAchenaud, Juandre Kruger and young Jérémie Maurouard.










3.25pm(HK), 8.25am(Fr) - Before leaving for the captain's run, Racingmen are having a snack.






4.07pm(HK), 9.07am(Fr) - Match Day approaches. A few hours before, Ciel et Blanc's capitain, Henry Chavancy take the session under his control.









6.13pm(HK), 11.13am(Fr) - Already a little nostalgic, are you Juandré Kruger?






7.12pm(HK), 12.12pm(Fr) - Happy Birthday Jamie!






7.28pm(HK), 12.28pm(Fr) - This city (and its crazy view) is amazing...






7.32pm(HK), 12.32pm(Fr) - Little dedication to Jamie Roberts, 27 years old today.









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The 08/11/2013 by Fd8
A tous les supporters, le match sera apparemment visible dès 9h sur la TNT (chaine l'équipe21). Notre équipe sera : Dambielle - Planté - Chavancy - Dumoulin - Vakatawa - Wisniewski - Descons - Gerondeau - Qovu - Barba - Metz - Ghezal - Desmaison - Maurouard - Tonga'uila (remp : Lacombe, Ben arous, Kruger, Battut, Andreu, Lapeyre, Fall, Ducalcon

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