Training at Versailles - 'Like Living a Dream!'

Training at Versailles - 'Like Living a Dream!'


For months they had been dreaming about it. Today at Versailles the team training run took place under the delighted gaze of 70 school-children from the Gers in Southwest France. Hailing from Jean Rostand College in Eauze, alma mater of our international winger Marc Andreu, on a long-awaited school trip to the French capital, the pupils were determined not to miss the opportunity of seeing the Ciel et Blanc train in person.



If Marc himself - unfortunately on holiday this week - could not be present, the fourth form kids diligently followed the whole training session, before lining up to get their posters signed by the players. Xavier Chauveau, Camille Gerondeau, Juan Imhoff and Jacques Cronje were the most in demand, signing autographs for a good 20 minutes at the end of training. 

For our young visitors from the Gers, it couldn't have been better. "What a wonderful gift from the Racing club! To be able to get close to the players like that is incredible, enthused 14 year-old Lisa. "It's like living a dream!"
















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