FCG vs RM 92 - Inside the Squad

FCG vs RM 92 - Inside the Squad


With the Six Nations over, the Racingmen are now focused on TOP 14 and the coming encounter at Stade des Alpes in Grenoble, on Saturday evening. What  better than a training camp to bring the squad together, strengthen the bonds, and be at 100% for a crucial match against FC Grenoble? "Inside the Squad" will allow you to follow the journey close to the Ciel et Blanc, from Plessis-Robinson to the match which kicks off at 8.35PM (French time) on Saturday at Stade des Alpes.



Day 22 - Top 14


Saturday March 22nd, 8.35pm, stade des Alpes, live tweet




Wednesday March, 19th


2.33pm - Some of our Ciel et Blanc, a little early, have time for a chat in the club-house, a few minutes before leaving.




2.35pm - But not for Karim Ghezal and Adrien Planté, both revising scrums. (Even though, Adrien is winger...)




14h50 - Last check for Welsh scrum-half, Mike Phillips, before heading to the training camp at Aix-les-Bains.




2.58pm - Last ones to come out of the training center, Captain Dimitri Szarzewski, Coach Travers, Coach O'Gara and the doc.




15h05 - Our Racingmen in the coach! Next stop : Paris Gare de Lyon 




5.52pm - Benjamin Fall has his seat on the TGV! He also looks pretty happy to have three hours of train left.




6.03pm - Now we know why Ben Fall had a big smile, he is all set for a long trip!





7.33pm - Two poker tables, only one winner. Game on!



20h47 - Arrived at the hôtel, our Racingmen must be starving!




Thursday March, 20th



9.55am - It's the first day of Spring and the sun is shining in Aix-les-Bains !




10.24am - First, stop at the physios before the morning session



10.45am - The players are going to the training






11.30am - What a wonderful place for a morning training session !










11.45am - The forwards inside, rehearsing.






1.00pm - At the end of the training, Benji Fall did a selfie with his Welsh boys.





At the same time, the forwards are playing a bit of tennis









4.38pm - A little snack before going back to work






5.13pm - And back to training!












6.53pm - A quick working out session and that will be all for the day!







8.30pm - Recovering from their efforts at the pool




9.33pm - What better than a team Bowling game !




It seems that Benji Lapeyre has got it for bowling...






Friday March, 21st



10.02am - Your Racingmen already steping back on this rugby field, more training to come for another day of hard work!









10.12am - Classic passing exercise to start the session




11.07am - Opposition made in Ciel et Blanc to prepare for the real game tomorow








11.50am - Max Machenaud, J-M Hernandez and Benji Dambielle working on their kicks! By the look of it, we can have total trust in them.









12.08pm - back from the rugby field, some goes for some more with some working out. 





13.40pm - Squad photograph for our Ciel et Blanc. "Say Cheese!"




4.28pm - Capitain's run! 





11.31am - Last selfie on the field of Aix-les-bains for Jamie Roberts, Juandre Kruger, Mike Phillips and Bernard Le roux before heading for Grenoble and its stade des Alpes!


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The 13/09/2014 by donalcorcoran
RONAN &JOHNNY have a good family
The 22/03/2014 by Serval
Roberts a vraiment une tête sympathique, on dirait qu'il est sur le point de sortir une blague sur chaque photo
The 20/03/2014 by le sud !
Merci aux joueurs et au staff, super gentils et disponibles pour les petits et grands spectateurs du bord du terrain d 'entrainement à Aix les Bains ! Mes garçons ont vu des champions, souriants et blagueurs, mais très concentrés aussi! Ils sont ravis des photos et du ballon !! Bon match !
The 20/03/2014 by racing forever
merci pour ce "Au cœur du groupe " continuez :)
The 20/03/2014 by racing forever
merci pour ce "Au cœur du groupe " continuez :)
The 20/03/2014 by racing forever
merci pour ce "Au cœur du groupe " continuez :)
The 20/03/2014 by racing forever
merci pour ce "Au cœur du groupe " continuez :)
The 20/03/2014 by racing forever
merci pour ce "Au cœur du groupe " continuez :)
The 20/03/2014 by BG92
Très déçu par Benjamin Fall... sérieusement Benji, les Experts quoi!!! Encore merci pour ce "Au coeur du groupe" x)

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