FCG vs RM 92 - Number of the day: 3.4

FCG vs RM 92 - Number of the day: 3.4


TOP 14 is back on track this coming week-end, after two weeks of European Rugby which crowned Ireland and our Racingman Jonathan Sexton as the 6 Nations champions. Racing Metro 92, still in preparation for their travel to Grenoble, intends to take their revenge on FCG after being defeated by it in Colombes in October.





The average of meters gained per carry initiated by the Ciel et Blanc, during the first leg match against FC Grenoble, at stade Yves-du-Manoir. During this confrontation, lost by the francilians at the very end of the game, the Racingmen gained 297 meters, out of 87 carries, averaging 3.4 meters per carry. Our recently crowned 6 Nations champion, Jonathan Sexton was the match’s top perfomer in this same exercise, winning 37 meters out of 6 carries, or around 6.2 meters per carry.


On the Grenoble side, the collective performance in terms of meters made was up to 190 meters, out of 92 carries, or an average of 2.1 meters gained per carry.

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