HCup - RM 92 vs ASM - Mujati - ' It's all Jonny Sexton's fault '

HCup - RM 92 vs ASM - Mujati - ' It's all Jonny Sexton's fault '


Brian Mujati shares with us, his feelings and experience around his HCup final played with his former club, the Northampton Saints on May 21st 2011 at the Millenium Stadium of Cardiff. A final with a bitter taste, in which he was associated to Soane Tonga’Uiha, lost 33-22 by the Saints after leading 22-6 at the break against the Leinster team of… Jonathan Sexton.



Brian, you participated to this famous 2011 HCup final between your former club, the Northampton Saints and Leinster. What memories do you have of this loss?


It’s a really bad memory for me and my ex team-mates of the Northampton Saints (Smiles). It’s all Jonny Sexton’s fault! He gave a real show out there (Laughs)! We were really disappointed by this twist of fate because I remember that we work very hard that year to reach up the HCup final.



How did you approach this final?


Well, we were pretty confident as we managed to do clear run through the final, winning our six pool matches, our quarter final against Ulster and our semi-final against USAP. We were perforce very confident… The European title was for us that year. It could have been a historical title for us, winning the Heineken Cup with 100% of victories, few teams managed to do so. We wanted to win this title, we made everything for it, but unfortunately it wasn’t for us that year.



How did you live through this final?


Well, I have lived through it under two totally different phases. At first, I was excited about being able to play the final, excited to be in the lead at the break but then came a total opposite feeling, disappointment combined with sadness to have lost this final. To get caught back up from a 22 to 6 lead at thirty minutes before the end of the match is a really bad feeling and consequently a bad memory. It was an awesome sensation to lead coming back of the break. We thought that the match was sort of sealed. This might have been the types of thoughts that made us relax a bit. We might have been a little less sharp in defense during the second half and it cost us. As I said, we came out of this match very disappointed because we really played well and we deserved to win a title but unfortunately we did not. 

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