HCup - SCA vs RM 92 - Climb up the Welsh mountain

HCup - SCA vs RM 92 - Climb up the Welsh mountain


A week after its great performance in Day 1 of 2013-2014 HCup against ASM Clermont-Auvergne, Racing Metro 92 are traveling to Wales to challenge the astonishing Scarlets, winner against Harlequins. Ciel et Blanc wish to repeat their last week's performance with adding, if possible, offensive ingredients. (Credit : Julien Poupart // Attitude Rugby).




Forget Grenoble but keep Clermont in mind. "We had at heart to correct our bad performance of Grenoble" guarentees Camille Gérondeau. We now prepare ourselves to bring back a result from Scarlets. We are focused on this coming game while keeping in mind our last performance realized against Clermont". Here are the words which have been said all week long, here at Plessis-Robinson. The good HCup start against ASM last week-end has reassured the whole Ciel et Blanc squad. A team RM92 full of solidarity, rugbymen of Laurent Labit and Laurent Travers demonstrated that Racing was "a real team" says Henry Chavancy. This European launch at home was crucial for the francilians to climb up the ladder of European continent. Racingmen are glad of this last win but do not over react from it. There are still things to improve and are all conscious about it. "We defended well, that's true, confesses Eddy Ben Arous. We created something from thos two last minutes. On this match, defense was a true revelation. But we must still carry on working in that area." "Defense, is the soul of a team, answer back Chavancy. With is, we managed to beat the Vice-European champion. It's a very positive aspect for the future. We will now try to add offensive bits.


The offensive area is still to perfect, which is improving little by little with matches. "In HCup, defense won't always be enough, says Third row. We must add offensive ingridients. It will come with time, I am pretty confident about that, we notice it every day at practice." Because in front of them will stand a Welsh Scarlets team which has shocked everyone in this first Day of HCup, winner of the Harlequins in London last week. As francilian prop would say, "we will have to make them foul, as we had two days less than them to recover from the previous week-end. We must travel there with the ambition to bring back the victory. If we just focus on taking a point, we won't bring anything at all." Against a team which already fell twice at home this season but still redoutable, Ciel et Blanc must get prepared for "a tough challenge, says Chavancy. We are happy to play those types of matches. The three-quarter line is well represntative of the Welsh national team. Also we all know how much HCup counts for the Celtic league teams."


So to put Racing in a right position for the derby which will come a week later, the best thing to do would be to stay on the current mentality. "HCup is tough, confesses Gérondeau. ASM was the first step. Scarlets will be another tough one. We will have to again raise up our plays to climb up this second mountain." 

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