HCup - SCA vs RM 92 - Racing can believe in it

HCup - SCA vs RM 92 - Racing can believe in it


Racing Metro 92 brought the 2 points of the draw from their travel to the Scarlets this Saturday evening in Day 2 of HCup, 26-26. After being thirteen points down at the start of the second half, Ciel et Blanc little by little made their comeback to even let us believe of a last minute victory.



And then the referee refused the try...  Racingmen almost thought they could trick those Welsh Scarlets as Wenceslas Lauret recovered a loose ball, badly negociated by an opponent... The francilian back-row who scored the first try of the game (5th minute), thought that he was going to offer the victory to his partners. A success which would have permitted Ciel et Blanc to make a clean start in this 2013-2014 HCup. Unfortunately for them, Mister Paterson didn't see it that way and sealed the match by a 26-26 draw.


Once again, despite two conceded tries, Racing showed up strength and solidarity, especially on the defensive end, carrying on their last week's good momentum in this area. Even though Ciel et Blanc were down two men at the end of the first half, they managed to stand up against this team and even level up the score as they were re-gaining Szarzewski and Estebanez on the field. Losing 23-10 at the 44th minute, Racingmen transcendent, imposed their plays to rule the game as their two international French were back on the pitch. Jonathan Sexton's boot rewarding this team effort. Matadigo also gave his extra-talent into this game as he scored his try, following a tough team maul around the five meters Welsh line. Then, it was a penalty fight between the Irish fly-half on one side and the International welsh, number 10 Rhys Priestland on the other, who were each answering back their penalties.


We will mainly remember from this match, this desire of conquest as the great francilian 60 meter maul illustrates it perfectly! A strong and promising performance for the Ciel et Blanc's future in HCup. After that, they can more than ever believe in their chances for this 2013-2014 edition. A good result to prepare next week's derby against Stade Français...


Find the game's report here

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The 19/10/2013 by antoine
Auriez vous l'obligeance d'annoncer dès que possible où et quand à lieu la retransmission ? Car cette fois il ne fallait pas compter sur différents médias qui, signalaient bien le début du match à 19H , mais omettaient d'annoncer l'heure de retransmission . Après un parcours du combattant j'ai appris que le match serait proposé en différé à 20h50 sur canal=sport Donc on patiente et on nous propose Castres Leinster ! Au demeurant forts sympathiques mais cherchez l'erreur. Lecteurs , supporters, rassurez moi : il n'a pas été annoncé de données fiables ! sinon j'offre ma casquette aux couleurs du club. Que celui ou celle qui a pu voir le match à la tv me dise comment ! De même que je déplore que les responsables du site ne donnent pas des nouvelles des joueurs écartés de l'équipe joueuse je déplore que ne soit pas annoncées où et quand voir les matches. Hormis ces critiques il convient de féliciter notre équipe pour sa réussite hors de ses terres Quant à la qualité du jeu réalisé il faut attendre de voir le film... Où et Quand !!!!!!
The 19/10/2013 by JLouis
Ouaiiiiii !!! Allez Racing !!!

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