The De Coubertin Trophy

The De Coubertin Trophy





A state of mind... A legend


Everything starts on the school benches : At the lycée Condorcet of Paris and at the Toulouse school institutions. Straight after classes both clubs started playing the in-sport of the moment, which started to attract supporters and crowds.

Created in 1882, Racing faces up ten years later, 20th March 1892, Stade Français for the first final of the rugby interclubs challenge in front of 2000 persons rushing around the field of Bagatelle in the Bois de Boulogne.

Racing won the title, under the referee of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, on the score of 4 to 3.

The challenge, which will then become the French championship and its trophy, the Brennus shield, was defined by managers of the competition as : "Will be given for the match, a trophy of challenge : the winning association will keep it for a year." Racing then was the first titled club of France.

Born of a fusion between two student clubs, Stade Toulousain was officially created in 1907. While, at the same time, groups of the SA, turning into association, "les amis du Stade Toulousain" acquires the field of Ponts-Jumeaux to organize their firsts confrontations. Throughout seasons, Stade Toulousain became the most successful and titled club of France.



Trophée de Coubertin


Under their great finery, "Ciel et Blanc" and "Rouge et Noir", generations of gentleman in studs worn high their idea that they had of their sport. In every rugby county, their getaways, their rides, tainted with humor and carelessness, always forces respect as it was the number one value. This approach of the game would be described by style, beauty, but also courage and self-sacrifice, made children dream in stands and beyond. 

As a tribute to Baron Pierre de Coubertin, referee of the first final of rugby interclubs challenge organized in 1892 and bearer of rugby and refereeing values. Racing Metro 92 and Stade Toulousain launch together in 2011, the "Trophée de Coubertin".

During the match which will oppose Racing Metro 92 to Stade Toulousain, on Wednesday 4th September, both clubs will pay tribute to fondamental and historical values of rugby and refereeing. Opponents on the field, they will gather around a sport vision by competing for the "Trophee De Coubertin".

The "Trophée de Coubertin" will be awarded at the end of the second leg, to the best team out of the points total of both matches in TOP 14. The winner will keep the trophy for a whole year. Each season this title is back into play.




"The most important in life, isn't triumph but the fight; the essential isn't to have defeated but to fight" Pierre de Coubertin, 24th July 1908

On the 20th March 1892 - Stade Bagatelle, Bois de Boulogne - success exceeded everything he has ever seen before. 2000 persons piled up around the field of Bagatelle where the match was organized. Kikc off even got late as photographers all wanted to set this match in the legend.

At 3pm, kick off of the first final of what will become the French rugby championship was given. Following many offensive adventures from both squads, the referee whistled the end of the match, giving the first French title of rugby history to Racing. This referee judge is no one else than Baron de Coubertin, Pierre de Frédy, himself.

Born on 1st January 1863 at N°20 rue Oudinot, Paris, he quickly shows a penchant for letters, history and for pédagogy and sociology problematics. Giving up from a military career so as from a bright career in politics, Pierre de Coubertin, at the age of 24, decided launch a vast movement of educational reform. A year later, his work was started.

We owe him, the whole Olympic games organization, which benefited from his methodical spirit, precise and his understandings of youth needs. The Olympic charter and protocol , as for  athletes' oath, are out of his work and desire, same as for the openning and closing ceremony of the Games. More over, until 1925, he personnaly presided the IOC.

The title of honorary president of the Olympic Games was given to him in 1925, title which he will preserve until his death. It has been specified that this dignity will not be ever again confered to anyone else. The revival of Olympic Games is only a small part of Baron de Coubertin's work. Besides numerous publications devoted to technology and sport education, we owe him important studies on history, politics and sociology. His writing work reaches up 60000 pages.

He died in Geneva (Switzerland) on the 2nd September 1937 after having spending all his fortune. He considered as one of the greatest men of the XXth century. According to his last wishes, his heart was interred at Olympia (Greece) in the marble monument commemorating the revival of the Olympic Games. Over 70 years since his death, 26th March 2011, at Stade de France, Racing Metro 92 and Stade Toulousain perpetuated the legend by organizing the "Trophée de Coubertin", a symbol of the values ​​upheld by the baron.


Source: CIO



2010 - 2011



During a two faces match, with a Toulouse squad dominating in first half followed by a calm and controlled second act, Racing Metro 92 lost 28-23 for the first leg played on 2nd october 2010. On the second opposition, for its first at the Stade de France on 26 March 2011, the francilian club won by the best possible way 43-21 against the "Rouge et Noir". A success almost written after the first twenty minutes, in which Francilians, overecxited and sure of their strength dominated a Toulouse squad completely overwhelmed. Racing won at the same time the first «Trophée de Coubertin».





2011 - 2012



On 10th Septembre 2011, Racing Metro 92 closely lost at Stadium against Stade Toulousain, for the Day 3  of TOP 14 2011-2012 (41-36) and conceded the first round of this "Trophée de Coubertin", out of a great match crowned of seven tries (four for the toulousain, three for the Ciel et Blanc). A few months later, on 28th January 2012, Francilians trumbled down once again, this time at the Stade de France (13-19). Fault toa try conceded three minutes before the end of the match. Racingmen lost by the way their "Trophée de Coubertin" which they managed to win a year earlier.







On Thursday 1st November 2013. Racing Metro 92 travelled to the Ernest Wallon Stadium of Toulouse to challenge the Stade Toulousain, double Brennus titled champion. The "Ciel et Blanc", despite a good start with a try scored by François Van der Merwe during the firsts minutes of the match, fails heavily 32 to 13. A few month later, the two squads gathers on the Stade de France pitch. Racing then is on impressive serie of nine victory in a row in TOP 14. As Francilians were heading towards a tenth hit, François Clerc, at the very end of the match, blasted the dreams of the Gonzalo Quesada's men of another victory by scoring a corner try. Stade Toulousain won the "Trophée de Coubertin" for the second time in a row.




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