RM 92 vs ASM - Number of the day: 21st - 30th

RM 92 vs ASM - Number of the day: 21st - 30th


After the first try-scoring bonus won in TOP 14 this season, last week at stade Yves-du-Manoir of Colombes against the relegated Biarritz Olympique, our Racingmen will once more receive Clermont, their biggest enemy of the season for having playing them already three times. (Crédit photo : Franck Nieto)


21st - 30th



The time period when Racing Metro 92 has scored the most points in TOP 14 matches this season. Out of the 24 games already played, the Ciel et Blanc scored 14.5% of their points between the 21st and 30th minutes, or 62 points during this period. On the other hand, the Franciliens have scored the least points just after half-time, with only 7.7%, or 33 points, scored between the 40th and 50th minutes of games.


On the other hand, Clermont have scored 11.8% of their points in the last 10 minutes. Like the Franciliens, Clermont have scored the least of their points between the 40th and 50th minutes.


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