RM 92 vs BO - Be convincing before the internationals

RM 92 vs BO - Be convincing before the internationals


A week after winning, again thanks to its great defense, full of solidarity, against Stade Français, Racing Metro 92 is traveling to the Aguiléra Stadium to challenge the bottom of the league team of TOP 14, Biarritz Olympique. Against a squad still in a doubting phase, Ciel et Blanc will attempt to improve their good momentum in a true rugby region, Pays Basque. (Credit : Julien Poupart // Attitude Rugby).



An important match for both sides will be played on Saturday. Important due to the beginning of the traditional autumn transition in which national squads will be on the front stage of rugby as TOP 14 will be put aside for a refreshing two weeks break. Consequently, it is crucial for Racing to win this pre-break match to freely enjoy their resting period. As Racing Metro 92 will travel to the Aguiléra Satdium of Biarritz, bottom of the league team, everyone hopes to see a careful Ciel et Blanc success.


Surely, Racingmen will travel to Pays-Basque with the aim to bring back the four points victory. It would much more pleasant to rest with a success in mind before heading to Hong-Kong to challenge Stade Toulousain next week. Moreover Racingmen will have to carry on their good winning momentum that they are in since this incredible night where Clermont couldn’t break this Ciel et Blanc defense raised by friends who had each other’s back at the time where opponents were launching pounding attacks. As this Ciel et Blanc squad is all starting to gel, it would be better to take over a second away success far from the francilian region after winning the regional derby against Stade Français.


Ciel et Blanc know how to and are aware of what this match could represent. They managed to so, during their first travel to Pays Basque, in Bayonne, bring back to Plessis-Robinson with four points in their suitcases. Racing loves this nice charcuterie smell of this rugby region despite the bad (passing?) weather spotted around Aguiléra stadium those last few days. Since their comeback in the elite championship, Racing has won five of their nine traveling matches to this South-West corner of France. Even Better, They are in a current six success in a row to nothing, against both Bayonne and Biarritz. It is sure now that Racingmen would like to continue those series of wins which would permit them to enjoy their resting period. Although, Ciel et Blanc must keep in mind that a season is long and that once Mister Attalah, referee of the match, will whistle out the end of the match, they will be over the half of the season still be played. But before thinking about the holidays and the months left in this 2013-2014 season, they must beat Biarritz.

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