RM 92 vs MHR - Number of the Day: 144

RM 92 vs MHR - Number of the Day: 144


Racing Metro 92 lost their two last TOP 14 matches, in two difficult away games in Biarritz and Clermont. Racingmen will have at heart to reconnect with success on Saturday at 6.30pm at stade Yves-du-Manoir of Colombes, before switching to the second leg matches of the championship.




As the number of line outs won by Racingmen on their own throws since the beginning of the 2013-2014 championship. A hundred and forty-four recovered balls out of a hundred and seventy throws, or a rate of 85% successful throw-ins by the francilian hookers. In this ranking of the most effective thrower, we can find the Ciel et Blanc Captain, Dimitri Szarzewski in top position with seventy-nine throws won against twelve lost, or 87% of recovered balls. Racingman Virgile Lacombe follows him closely with 84% of favorable balls given to the Ciel et Blanc’s side, by succeeding in his mission sixty-two times. Completing the podium, we found young hooker Jérémie Maurouard, who made his first steps in TOP 14 last week-end in Clermont’s stade Marcel Michelin, in which he throws successfully three times out of five attempts.


On MHR’s side, Montpelliérains recovered 83% of their throws, a hundred and seventeen won on a total of a hundred and forty-one throws. The most effective thrower on their side must be Mickael Ivaldi with sixty-four throws won out of seventy-two attemps, or a rate of 89% successful throws. Ex-Racingman, Thomas Bianchin, also made his debutes with MHR last week-end made two correct throws in three line outs.

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