RM 92 vs SF - Desmaison : ' Work with those guys is amazing '

RM 92 vs SF - Desmaison : ' Work with those guys is amazing '


Part of the sqaud which will be opposed to Stade Français on Saturday at the Stade de France in Day 10 of TOP 14, Walter Desmaison could step on this championship field for the first time under the Ciel et Blanc jersey. The young francilian prop evokes his beginning of season, his integration and his progress in his new home. (Crédit : Julien Poupart // Attitude Rugby).



Walter, do we prepare differently for a derby?


Not really. We prepare ourselves as we usually do, everyone is focused even though coaches pointes it out. the regional supremacy is at strake... (Smiles).



The derby aside, how did you live through this week?



We don't have the line up revealed yet, I only know that I am part of the squad. But each week, I prepare myself the same way, hoping I make the squad. Today, I made it.



When you arrived at Plessis-Robinson, what were you the most surprised of?


Coming to Racing, everyone told me: "Oh you are heading to a club with a lot of stars, you will have a rough time integrating those guys..." And it was the right opposite! I found here open people who welcomed me arms wide open. I share many things off the field with my team-mates now. I made myself a good bunch of friends! And rugbywise, it's all increasing great.

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