UBB vs RM 92 - Number of the day: 573

UBB vs RM 92 - Number of the day: 573


After having beating Bayonne for the second time of the season, on the score of 18-8 at Stade Yves-du-Manoir, the Racingmen are now focused on their next task, a travel to Bordeaux, to play UBB without their international players back in their 6 Nations championship. (Credit photo : Julien Poupart // Attitude Rugby)





The number of meters made by the Ciel et Blanc during the first leg match against Bordeaux. In this first confrontation, at stade Yves-du-Manoir, Racing Metro 92 came out beating Union Bordeaux-Bègles on the score of 26-19, scoring, for the first time of the season, three tries in one match. Throughout this offensive match, the Racingmen moved forward on 573 meters, being the current top performance of this TOP 14 season. Against Bordeaux, the forward players made 102 meters but those that illustrated themselves the most were the Three-quarters with 471 meters made.


On the Girondins’ side, the players of UBB ran forward for a total of 286 meters. 72 meters made by forwards and 214 meters by the Three-quarters.

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The 20/02/2014 by Rame2
Montrez à vos supporters et aux Nantais que vos victoires ne sont pas dues à la chance, battez-vous et revenez avec une victoire. ALLEZ RACING METRO.

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