'Living the Deam' - Young South Africans training at Racing

'Living the Deam' - Young South Africans training at Racing


Training sessions in Afrikaans? That is what we witnessed at the Racing Metro headquarters today, during the visit of young rugby players from South Africa.


Sponsored by the South African charity Living Ball, by Bernard Le Roux and many others, our young visitors of Rhino Rugby tours were selected from schools all over South Africa.


In between two cultural visits of the French capital, today they were lucky enough to have a couple of training sessions under the expert eye of some pretty special Racing players. On one side of the pitch, skills with two true-blue Springboks, François van der Merwe and Jacques Cronje. While on the other side, another skill set was being taught by Welsh international Dan Lydiate, and the project's patron, the South Africa born French international, Bernard Le Roux. 


Leaving their country for the first time, last Sunday these future Springbok hopefuls played a game against the Racing Crabos team. Today, the club opened the doors of the Training Centre for them, and on Wednesday at 7PM they will play a practice game against Pôle France, the national youth training squad, at Marcoussis.


"They are all kids full of talent, but who maybe don't have the funds to play rugby and to follow their dream in South Africa," explains Bernard Le Roux who initiated the project with his future father in law Deon Nell. "But by giving them this opportunity, we are giving them something to look forward to," concludes the Ciel et Blanc flanker. "They are living the dream, we are just helping to keep their dream alive."








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