Tourism Ireland patron of the match Racing vs Bayonne

Tourism Ireland patron of the match Racing vs Bayonne


On Saturday, for Day 19 of the TOP 14, Racing Metro 92 will receive Aviron Bayonnais at Stade Yves-du-Manoir (6.30pm French Time). Tourism Ireland, a company promoting Ireland in France, will be the game’s partner. For the occasion, we met Severine Tharreau, Marketing Manager of the company, who tells us more about the partnership signed this season between Tourisme Irlandais and Racing Metro 92.  (Credit photo : Fabrice Aygalenq // Attitude Rugby)



What are the goals of the company “Tourism Ireland“ in France?


Tourism Ireland is a company with the aim of promoting tourism in Ireland in order to encourage French people to head to Ireland for their holidays. We are working on different levels of advertising and press relations but a large part of our work is with tour operators, travel agencies but also transporters. We are in touch both with the public and tourism professionals. But sometimes we try out brand new things, such as creating partnership deals with companies outside the tourism sector, such as Racing Metro 92.



Why did you choose Racing?


Last summer, we heard about Racing signing two top Irish rugby stars, Jonathan Sexton and Ronan O’Gara. It was for us, the opportunity to come at our communication from another angle, and reach a different public. Plus, it is true that Rugby and Ireland always had a very strong association.


Half-way through the season, how successful has this partnership been?


We are delighted! We have a great visibility in stadiums thanks to LED Panels and our banner that we have at Stade Yves-du-Manoir. We are really activating our partnership by different operations such as VIP invitations for matches, competitions on our website to win match tickets ( and this time by being the partner of this week-end’s match.


Has the media coverage of Racing Metro 92 grown in Ireland since the arrival of Jonny Sexton and Ronan O’Gara?


Yes certainly! It is true that Jonathan Sexton has a very strong following in Ireland, and Ronan O’Gara is also a very well-known and much-liked figure. he is perhaps not quite the same as Zidane in France but he is not far from it. What's more, a prime-time documentary on Ronan O’Gara which aired a few weeks ago on Ireland's first national TV channel was a huge success. ( It is obvious that since this summer, that we are talking much more about Racing Metro 92 in Ireland.



Find further information on the “Tourism Ireland” website

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