RM 92 vs SF - Ducalcon: ' A big step forward '

RM 92 vs SF - Ducalcon: ' A big step forward '


Pleased with the two HCup confrontations, especially in this Ciel et Blanc team spirit against Clermont and Scarlets, Luc Ducalcon confesses that the European Cup permitted Racing to gain in confidence before challenging its Parisian neighboor, Stade Français on Saturday (8.35pm) at the Stade de France in Day 10 of TOP 14.




Luc, you started this HCup pretty well with a win and a draw, will you be back in TOP 14 with more team confidence?


Yes thanks to those two HCup matches that have been very intense. It’s always good for the team confidence to realize those types of performances. Plus, European matches are top level confrontations, it’s a positive aspect for the future to play well in this competition and does good mentally as well. This European transition is quite similar to the international level, one little mistake and you will pay it cash! So far, it is fine for us, we are still in good position for the qualification to the next round. In fact this European transition did us well good. It’s now time for us to play our francilian derby with Stade Français.



Would the European Cup be a good push for TOP 14?


We will see, but it is true that matches are aiming that way… Against Clermont we really showed a true team spirit, that our team has a soul. We then managed to repeat this performance in Llanelli. Even though, we could be upset of not winning, we made a big step forward. So yes, I think those two HCup matches permitted us to put things back in the right order. We still have a lot to work on but it is always more pleasant to work in those conditions.



You will receive Stade Français on Saturday for your traditional derby…


We all know that it is valuable derby, especially played in the Stade de France. Stade Français is also well ranked (ed.:4th), Amlin Challenge Cup gave the opportunity to let players aside resting. It will be a tough game, for real. We will have at heart to build up a great performance before playing away twice in a row.

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